This exists: a dating advice book from The Hills.

This exists: a dating advice book from The Hills.

Okay so I’m pretty sure this is the biggest H&M I’ve ever been to, and look at these sweet book curtains I found!

Okay so I’m pretty sure this is the biggest H&M I’ve ever been to, and look at these sweet book curtains I found!

The Night Strangers

by Chris Bohjalian

Genre: Fiction  
Rating: 2.5/5
Released: 4 October 2011
Pages: 378
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Airline pilot Chip Linton has always loved flying and has turned his childhood dream into a fulfilling career. With several decades of experience, he thinks he has seen everything, so when a couple of Canadian geese fly into his engines upon takeoff and force him to make a quick decision, he decides to follow in the footsteps of famed airline pilot Sullenberger and land his aircraft on the water. Unfortunately, a series of unusual events ensue that eventually kill most of the people on board. In the aftermath, as Chip struggles with survivor’s guilt and PTSD, his wife decides the family might fare better in a quiet little mountain town in New Hampshire, and the couple and their twin daughters quickly relocate. 

The four Lintons find the perfect location to start off their new lives: a stately Victorian rich with hidden passageways and old secrets. One of the biggest mysteries of the house is an old door in the basement, bolted shut with thirty-nine bolts; a number that corresponds with the amount of casualties from Chip’s last flight. Soon after moving in, more mysteries arise, as odd occurrences begin happening around the house, the townsfolk become unusually interested in their daughters, and acquaintances start disappearing. 

This book is an interesting Halloween read, with a host of creepy characters, unsettling hauntings, and spine-tingling mysteries. 

The plot starts out extremely interestingly, and there were several points where I gasped and set the book down because of an unexpected plot twist. Towards the end of the book, though, the plot gets a bit muddled up, and the characters turn a bit unlikable and uninteresting. And the ending - the ending was pretty. Darn. Bad. 

That being said, the plot was good for the majority of my read, and it kept me interested in finding out what was next. I always feel awkward when I have to say that the ending of a book sucked, but I enjoyed my read up until that point. Unfortunately, this is one of those cases. 

Top Ten Tuesday - October 13th!

Update on my life: I’m not dead. I have been out-of-town for work, and my blog (and reading in general) has really fallen to the wayside. But I’m back and ready to get back into the swing of things!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, inviting readers to list their top ten choices in a given category. This week’s theme is…

Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit!

I can only think of 8, thankfully, because I have gotten to see a lot of the cities some of my favorite books are based in! But these are on my list! 

  1. Guernsey, as described in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (amazon)
    This is one of my favorite books, and while the story made me want to visit the little British isle like whoah, I actually had a friend from there in college who made me want to visit even more. So this was a bit of a cheat.
  2. Montreal, as described in Déjà Dead (amazon)
    I’ve never been a huge fan of Canada. My awhile family’s from Michigan, and I can barely stand how cold it gets there in the winter, let alone further North! But Kathy Reichs describes Montreal as a quaint little Francophile pocket in an otherwise dreary expanse of coldness.
  3. An African Safari, as described in Chelsea Handler’s Uganda Be Kidding Me (amazon)
    I wanted to go on an African safari before reading this book (it’s my dream to elope to an African nature reserve one day), but Chelsea really brought the experience to life.
  4. Nepal, as described by Conor Grennan in Little Princes (amazon)
    I have always been interested in adoption, and Conor’s experience helping orphaned children in Nepal warmed my heart not only to the children but also the country.
  5. Louisiana, as featured in the Sookie Stackhouse series (amazon)
    Despite its ups and downs, this remains one of my favorite series, and I would love to visit the state it is set in.
  6. Bath, as described by Jane Austen
    While I lived in London for several years, I never got a chance to travel to Bath, and that remains one of my biggest regrets in life.
  7. Australia, as described by The Alphabet Sisters (amazon)
    Australia has also been on my list of places to see for a very long time, but The Alphabet Sisters was my first Australian chick lit book, and I loved it.
  8. Maine as described in a book by the same name by J. Courtney Sullivan (amazon)

Around the World in a Bad Mood

by Rene Foss
Genre: Nonfiction
Rating: 3/5
Released: 6 March 2002
Pages: 200
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Rene Foss has always dreamed of becoming an actress. Instead of acting, however, she winds up becoming a flight attendant, at first planning on flying in her spare time between jobs but eventually becoming a full-time career. Partly because her heart was never in the job and partly because of the shit she has to deal with on a daily basis from rude passengers, she laughingly refers to her time in the airline industry as traveling “Around the World in a Bad Mood.”

I am a pretty frequent flier, and I like to think of myself as relatively savvy when it comes to the nuances of air travel. I also have read the fantastic Air Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones, which really opened my eyes to some of the innermost secrets of the airline industry. With that being said, Around the World in a Bad Mood didn’t offer me much information that I didn’t already know. It mainly consisted of Rene Foss whining about all the crap she deals with on a daily basis. Which, granted, is quite a bit, given how brutal the industry is, but it wasn’t conducive to a great story.

Adding in the theatrical skills she never got to use in her airline career, at regular intervals in the book she includes little songs about the crazy situations she encounters on the job, which were kind of awkward. I’ve heard she took this book and created a theatrical production based on it, though, which I’m sure is probably more entertaining than reading the jingles she included in here.

Don’t get me wrong - this book wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t a very enjoyable read. It was also quite outdated, and even with it being published in 2002, I was surprised nothing was stated about the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and how that impacted air travel. It might be a worthy read for someone who is getting started in the airline industry, as it deals with the application and training process quite a bit, but being published over a decade ago, it’s hard to say if it’s really all that similar to what modern flight attendants deal with.

For anyone interested in reading a book about the airline industry for kicks and giggles, I would definitely recommend Air Babylon over this.

Just a cute little bookstore I found while exploring Alexandria, Virginia, the other day. :)




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There once was a child named Eyre

Who was born without much pomp or flair

Her childhood was shitty

She never got pretty

But she married rich, so, so THERE

Fearless Fourteen

Stephanie Plum #14
aka “The One Where Steph Gets Maternal”
by Janet Evanovich

Genre: Chick Lit
Rating: 3.5/5
Released: 1 January 2008
Pages: 310
Buy it now!

Like always, I have to talk about how great of a series this is. With a hint of mystery and a lot of laughs and action, Stephanie Plum, lingere-woman-turned-bounty-hunter, is an awesomely bad-ass protagonist whose street smarts more than make up for her lack of knowledge of bounty hunting. She’s got a hilarious host of sidekicks as well as not one but TWO great leading men.

In this installment, Stephanie picks up Joe’s cousin and winds up playing babysitter to her son, a high school gamer. Unfortunately, her afternoon babysitting is extended much longer when Joe’s cousin is later kidnapped. A random, a bank robbery, and a missing $9 million unite not only Joe and Stephanie but also a ragtag group of psychics, gamers, stoners, and pop stars as the hunt is on for the cousin and the cash.

This book was again not one of my favorites in the series. It wasn’t bad, just wasn’t particularly awesome compared to some others I’ve read in Steph’s series. I found myself picking it up for a few pages and putting it down for a few days, which is a rarity in this series. As a whole, though, these books are still fantastic; I think I was just missing some of my favorite sidekicks, which made the book a little dull for me at points.

“your just about the only other person i know who read The Traitors Wife, i love it sooo much ive read it so many times what did u think of it?”


I actually haven’t read it yet! I bought it, and it looks pretty on my shelf, but it’s on the To-Read list and hasn’t yet made it to the Read list. :( Knowing that you love it, though, gives me an even bigger incentive to read it! :D

My Selective September Book Haul. Since I’m moving soon, I’m really cutting back on what I buy. Here are four good ones I couldn’t leave the store without, though. Note my latest project in the background: framed coins from my travels around the world : )

My Selective September Book Haul. Since I’m moving soon, I’m really cutting back on what I buy. Here are four good ones I couldn’t leave the store without, though. Note my latest project in the background: framed coins from my travels around the world : )


Virals #1
by Kathy Reichs

Genre: YA
Rating: 5/5
Released: 2 November 2010
Pages: 448
Buy it now! 

Tory Brennan is the niece of world-famous forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan (yes, friends, the bad-ass Bones character). Though Tory only recently learned of her father’s identity (and that of his family), her love of scientific discovery and crime-solving talents were definitely inherited. Unfortunate circumstances have forced her to move in with her newfound father in the charming Charleston, South Carolina, where her father works as a marine scientist at a top-notch laboratory on the coast.

In an old Southern city like Charleston, money speaks volumes, and scientists don’t make much of it. Bound together with a ragtag group of her father’s coworker’s children, Tory attends a private high school with some of the city’s richest teens. Despite being a bit of an outcast at school, Tory lives for adventure, particularly enjoying the exploration of the island where her father’s laboratory is located.

Suddenly, Tory and her friends stumble upon a series of mysteries. A forgotten memento. A secret science experiment. A lost dog. Suddenly the group is being followed by a scary group of hitmen, and dead bodies begin piling up. With the gang suddenly exhibiting strange symptoms that don’t match any illness they’ve ever heard of, will they be able to focus enough to solve the increasing mysteries before the hitmen catch up with them?

Stupidly, this was my first Kathy Reichs book, and I’m kicking myself for not having read her work before. With mystery upon mystery, a fast pace, tons of action, and a plethora of twists and turns, this book was unputdownable. The protagonist, too, is a girl I was very happy to read about: a strong young woman who embraces scientific discovery. Though this was YA book with a strong female protagonist who seems to have “special abilities” and is plotting to bring down a big conspiracy – a storyline that seems quite familiar to YA readers at this point – this book felt totally fresh. Though I tend to shy away from YA books – not because I don’t like them, but because I feel like a majority of them I can’t relate to – I found the protagonist very understandable, and I plan on passing the book on to my sister, a sophomore in high school. Altogether, this was a fantastic read! 


When you realize the only person who will ever truly be there for you is yourself.

Savannah, Georgia

This photoset is VERY belated, but I have been thinking a lot about my favorite city in the country lately, and I couldn’t help revisiting the photos I took there a few months ago. It is everything I want in a city: near the water, in the South, beautiful, historic, haunted, etc.

If I ever won the lottery, Savannah is where I would go.  

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